Around the world with 80 horses

Around the world with 80 horses

On this website, you will gradually discover 80 stories written by Jean-Louis Gouraud as part of a highly innovative project: “Around the world with 80 horses”.

These stories are yours. They invite you to travel through time, in the real world and in your imagination, to discover or rediscover something about the incredible bond that has always linked Man and Horse.

Month after month, just like bookmarks, 12 panels will progressively appear near the future competition venues or emblematic heritage sites; vestiges of the legacy that the Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games hope to leave in Normandy.

The “Around the world with 80 horses” project will feature in various ways during the fifteen days of competition: in the opening ceremony, at the heart of the sporting events, in the Games Village… An innovative idea that makes this edition unique in the history of the Word Equestrian Games.

So many reasons to take part in this amazing event ! 


French Caen Caen - Ambassadeur du Tour du Monde en 80 chevaux

Meet French Caen Caen, the ambassador of the "Around the world with 80 horses" project !

You will get to see him many times before and during the event in Caen and all over the Normandy region.

See you soon !

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