As Tucker Johnson sees it

A VIP of Driving at the Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games: We briefly met Tucker Johnson watching the dressage phase of Driving at La Prairie Racecourse. The American retired from the sport of four-in-hand driving after winning team silver and individual bronze at Lexington 2010. He is now President and CEO of the United States Equestrian Federation USET.

As Tucker Johnson sees it
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Mr. Johnson, what do you think of the US-team in Caen with two ladies?

“I am so pleased for them. They are representing our nation with incredible style. I wish we had ladies like them on the team in my time. We had only men like Jimmy Fairclough or Chester Weber.”

How do you feel like having paved the way for drivers like Weber, now No.1 in the world?

“I don’t know about paving the way but certainly I took up some space in the parking lot for a while.”

Has the sport of driving changed since you left it four years ago?

“I haven’t been to any international competition since Kentucky. I am curious to see the development. Let’s talk again on Sunday. But I have already noticed this in dressage: Boyd (Exell) and Chester (Weber) have shown a lot better extensions than we saw four years ago. To me those looked more a 9 than an 8 and I wonder what more the judges want to see. And I think I noticed already the quality has reached further down into the field. More teams work like a block.”

Are you still involved with horses?

“I still have horses. I am coaching and mostly riding. I am having fun with them as an amateur.”

Notice from the editor: When Tucker Johnson talks about taking up space in the parking lot that is more than humble but holds a little bit of truth as well. In his times organizers always started to get a little worried when he arrived at a show because his big truck that had every amenity including a whirlpool put the generators to a test, very often blowing fuses.

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