Alltech Music Festival

Casseurs Flowters

Norman night
Saturday 30 August

Casseurs Flowters

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Formed in 2000, the group “Casseurs Flowters” is in fact a duo of popular rappers: Orelsan, who kicked off his career with a scandal and a tour that was almost cancelled, and his pal Gringe, whose biggest break thus far was as a guest star on an online hit. In 2002, they made their first mix tape and after the song “Ils Sont Cools” the duo decided to create an original disc, with plenty of switching between the two MCs, in the style of Run-DMC and the Beastie Boys.

Casseurs Flowters’ sound was a very different kind of project for Skread, who is known for working with Orel and managed to find a new texture with which to put the crazy duo’s ideas to music.

Casseurs Flowters’ album is not just a disc made by friends, but a concept album that is best listened to as a whole, a true artistic gamble that contains pearls of inventiveness, punch lines, bars of laughter, concrete sounds and rapping brilliance.

Far from popular trends, Casseurs Flowters has landed on planet rap and is here to stay.   



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