Championship 1990

Stockholm 1990
Stockholm Sweden


It was decided to designate Stockholm’s 1912 Olympic Stadium as the main arena for the 1990 WEG. It had, of course, undergone several reconstructions since 1912 and with the 1990 WEG in mind, the city authorities opted for a major renovation of the stadium.

No equestrian competition of comparable magnitude involving all six FEI disciplines had been organised prior to 1990. Moreover, given that Stockholm had not organised equestrian events for a number of years, the Organising Committee made good use of the time leading up to the Games and held test events in one or two disciplines each year. This careful preparation certainly contributed to the great success of the Games.

The successes of the 1990 WEG must also be attributed to the considerable involvement of the Swedish National Federation. The number of staff members working for the Games gradually increased and Ulf Rosengren, the Federation Secretary General, became the very successful Organising Committee Director.

From a sporting point of view, the 1990 WEG were a glorious success blessed with unbelievably fine weather. France dominated in the show jumping arena at these inaugural World Equestrian Games in Stockholm where Eric Navet claimed the individual honours and joined team-mates Hubert Bourdy, Roger-Yves Bost and Pierre Durand to take the team title.

Key figures

Dressage : 68 Participants (22 countries)
Jumping : 75 Participants started – 67 completed (26 Countries)
Eventing : 84 Participants started – 60 completed (22 countries)
Driving : 53 Participants – 41 completed (18 Countries)
Endurance : 81 Participants – 35 completed (19 countries)
Vaulting : 61 participants (15 countries)
A Total of 37 countries participated in the 1990 World Equestrian Games.




Rank Nationalities Gold Silver Bronze Total
1 Germany Germany
2 France France
3 New zealand New zealand
3 Sweden Sweden
5 Great Britain Great Britain

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Prize list


Individual Rider Horse
France FR Eric Navet Quito de Baussy
Great Britain GB John Whitaker Henderson Milton
France FR Hubert Bourdy Morgat
Team Rider Horse
France FR
Eric NavetQuito de Baussy
Hubert BourdyMorgat
Roger-Yves BostNorton de Rhuys
Pierre DurandJappeloup
Germany DE
Karsten HuckNepomuk
René TebbelBorsu Urchin
Otto BeckerOptiebeurs Pamina
Ludger BeerbaumAlmox Gazelle
Great Britain GB
Nick SkeltonAlan Paul Grand Slam
Michael WhitakerHenderson Mon Santa
David BroomeLennegan
John WhitakerHenderson Milton


Individual Rider Horse
Germany DE Nicole Uphoff Rembrandt
Finland FI Kyry Kyrklund Matador
Germany DE Monica Theodorescu Ganimedes
Team Rider Horse
Germany DE
Sven RothenbergerIdeaal
Ann-Kathrin KrothGolfstom
Monica TheodorescuGanimedes
Nicole Uphoff Rembrandt
Russia RU
Nina MenkovaDikson
Valery TishkovKholst
Olga KlimkoShipovnik
Yuri KovshovBouket
Switzerland CH
Daniel Ramseier Random
Silvia IkléSpada
Christine Stülkelberger Gauguin
Samantha Schatzmann Rochus


Individual Rider Horse
New zealand NZ Blyth Tait Messiah
Great Britain GB Ian Stark Murphy Himself
United states US Bruce O. Davidson Pirate Lion
Team Rider Horse
New zealand NZ
Mark ToddBahlua
Blyth TaitMessiah
Andrew ScottUmptee
Andrew NicholsonSpinning Rhombus
Great Britain GB
Ian StarkMurphy Himself
Virginia LengGriffin
Rodney PowellThe Irishman II
Karen StrakerGet Smart
Germany DE
Herbert BlöckerFeine Dame
Edith BeineKyang
Matthias NaumannAlabaster
Marina LoheitSundance Kid


Individual Rider Horse
Sweden SE Tomas ERIKSSON
Hungary HU Jozsef BOZSIK
Netherlands NL Ysbrand CHARDON
Team Rider Horse
Sweden SE
Christer Pahlsson
Jan-Erik Pahlsson
Tomas Eriksson
Netherlands NL
Ad Aarts
Ysbrand Chardon
Theo Weusthof
Hungary HU
Jozsef Bozsik
Lajos Sipos
Laszlo Juhasz


Individual Rider Horse
United states US Becky Hart RD Grand Sulton
Great Britain GB Jane Donovan Ibriz
Australia AU June Petersen Abbeline Lionel
Team Rider Horse
Great Britain GB
Elisabeth FinneyShow Girl II
Judith HeeleyShumac
Joy LoylaGeneral Portfolio Hero
Lilla WallAlfie
Belgium BE
Dominique CrutzenDomino de Sier
Armand de Merode Perlita
Jean-Luc Marchal Mamlouk
Marcel Rossius Arafat
Spain ES
Juan Alvarez Muntcho
Pascual AlvarezMelfenik
José M. ManzanoOlga
Roser XalabarderKid


Individual Rider Horse
Germany DE Silke Bernhard Mainzelmann
Germany DE Silke Michelberger Zarewitsch
Germany DE Ute Schönlan Marco Polo
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