Club Normandie 2014, the Games’ greatest supporter


Just nine months ahead of the Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games™ 2014 in Normandy, the Organising Committee wanted to bring together all of the companies and socio-economic stakeholders that wish to support the event by setting up the “Club Normandie 2014”. A fan club like no other, the “Club Normandie 2014” will enable companies and socio-economic stakeholders to be associated with the event while benefitting from exclusive services and advantages. 

Club Normandie 2014, the Games’ greatest supporter


The “Club Normandie 2014” is, in a way, the principle fan club of the Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games™ 2014 in Normandy, reserved for socio-economic stakeholders. It shows how businesses, and on larger scale the socio-economic world, are preparing for the Gamesand aims to give members and their collaborators a unique and privileged opportunity to support and applaud this exceptional event.

The Club’s aim is to allow all members and their collaborators to get involved and promote the Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games™ 2014 in Normandy, to experience the event as an honoured guest, and to help us prepare for the Games by creating a direct link with the Organising Committee.  

Logo Club Normandie 2014EXCLUSIVE ADVANTAGES

By becoming a member of the Club Normandie 2014, companies benefit from a selection of services and advantages (subject to certain conditions),  including the exclusive right to purchase services from the GIP’s hospitality/public relations catalogue, discounted prices on the event’s branded products, invitations to events organised by the Club and to certain Games events, a “Club Normandie 2014” pack  (comprising three USB memory sticks, five posters, one hundred flyers, a Games handbook, one NFC membership card, etc.), two tickets to the cross-country event, and much more. The companies will also have preferential terms for the purchase of tickets to the Games. These numerous advantages ensure that members of the Club are committed to participating in the world’s greatest equestrian event.


With a one-time membership fee of € 89.00 + VAT, anyone can become a member of the Club Normandie 2014! Shopkeepers, craftsmen, cooperatives, freelancers, small businesses, medium-sized businesses, large companies, professional federations and syndicates, institutional socio-economic stakeholders… Whatever the size of your company or your profession, the Organising Committee of theAlltech FEI World Equestrian Games™ 2014 in Normandyis counting on you!


To join Club Normandie 2014, sign up via the Club’s website:

For more information, please contact us by email at the following address: [email protected] or call us at +33 2 14 74 98 01.