Ambassadors: Nelson Pessoa meets with volunteers

On Thursday 4 September, Nelson Pessoa paid a visit to the volunteers’ centre located in the Village to thank the volunteers for their hard work and participate in a photo-op.

Ambassadors: Nelson Pessoa meets with volunteers

Around noon today, Nelson Pessoa opened the door to the volunteers’ centre where he received quite a warm welcome. Autograph seekers and photo hounds alike wanted to engrave the moment they were paid a visit by a champion. The Brazilian, who is an ambassador to the Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games 2014 in Normandy has lent his talent and fame to the Games. “He’s a class act - Mathilde, a volunteer, said - I’m really thrilled to be able to meet him.” And she’s not alone.

For a half hour, the atmosphere was friendly, warm and relaxed. “These are the nicest Games I’ve ever been to; I’ve never received such a warm welcome,” Pessoa said while thanking the volunteers for their involvement. “You were able to rise to the challenge of receiving the entire world and it’s very important for all the disciplines. Thanks to you and the Organising Committee, France is giving the equestrian world a good image and contributing to its development.”

When a volunteer asks what he thinks of the Jumping course, he immediately shares his opinion: “The two first days, the course was relatively easy in order to put on a good show. Now, however, the selection has begun and we’ll definitely see the difficulty barometer increase. However, mum was the word about who would win. Being the good sport he is, he concluded by saying “may the best man win”.

During the fortnight, Nelson Pessoa, a true horse lover, has continued to meet with volunteers, spectators and riders, with the same generous Brazilian smile.

He now puts his illustrious international career to use for top-level equestrian events.

Volunteers should look out for more celebrities: other ambassadors are expected to check in to the volunteers’ centre before the end of the competition. 

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