A new Reining game released on Facebook

Put yourself in the shoes of a Reining judge on Facebook to win numerous prizes, including 2 Full Sport Passes comprising tickets to all the Reining competitions taking place at the Exposition Centre of Caen from 25 to 30 August.

To play, please click here :

A new Reining game released on Facebook
© Comité d'Organisation Normandie 2014

Award a score of -1 ½ to 1 ½ to the different manoeuvres of the Reining pattern : stop, backup, left spin, right spin, left circle, right circle, left rollback, right rollback.

Your score is then compared with that of one of the five judges, chosen completely at random! If the score you gave is the same as the selected judge, you will be awarded 100 points.

Between each video, you must answer a quiz question. You will be awarded 50 points for each correct answer.

Only your best score counts so you can play as many times as you want.

Many prizes are up for grabs : 2 Full Sports Passes, comprising 2 tickets to ALL the Reining competitions (which will take place from August 25 to 30, 2014 in Caen), JEM Boxes and products the Games’ official store of the Games !

Be a good judge ... and get lucky !


L'ar� de Reining

PS : You can also train your horse for the Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games 2014 in Normandy ! The principle is simple : you have a horse, and you need to complete multiple missions in order to develop your stud. Many buildings will be available right to the get go (the box of your horse, career training , barn etc.), and you will have to carry out multiple actions within those buildings  : take care of your horse, train your horse etc. The more missions you complete, the more " tokens” you earn to develop your stud with new decorations, materials and buildings: the road tour horse-trailer, competition venues etc. Players connecting regularly will therefore be rewarded !

In addition to this, the further you advance in the game, the more experience points you will earn! These points allow you to pass levels. Overall, there are 20 levels so you will to play very often to go from “rookie” to the ultimate level: "Better than Chuck Norris”! Players earning the greatest number of experience points will win many prizes at the end of the contest in July 2014: tickets to the Games, online store products, and a VIP trip for 2 to attend the Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games 2014 in Normandy !

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