Volunteer recruiters meet their applicants

Launched on 10 April, the volunteer recruitment programme is in full swing and boasts over 4,600 applicants! This application phase will soon come to a close, as the individual interviews that determine which 3,000 volunteers are shortlisted will take place between 12 November and 14 December. Candidates that have already applied will receive an invitation for interview sometime in October. For those of you who have not yet applied, you have no time to lose if you wish to take part in the world’s greatest equestrian event ! 

Volunteer recruiters meet their applicants


We have said it since the very start: “the volunteer programme is open to EVERYONE”! And the message seems to have got through, as we have received applications from people of all ages and from all walks of life! Three quarters of the applicants are riders themselves, and 1 applicant in 2 is a member of the French Equestrian Federation. Geographically, almost 2,000 candidates hail from Normandy, the majority from Calvados – where we have already totalled 1,000 applications – but also the region’s other departments, such as Manche, Orne, Seine-Maritime and Eure. Numerous foreign volunteers have also expressed an interest in taking part in the Games, with 550 horse-riding fans from 5 continents having already applied! These future “game makers” are all aged between 18 and 77, with half of the candidates aged between 18 and 25. And one thing is certain: women have taken the upper hand, as 80% of the candidates are from the fairer sex!


The original aim was to recruit 3,000 volunteers from a pool of 5,000 applicants. With more than 4,600 applications received by 10 October 2013, it is safe to say that the Organising Committee’s programme is on track! It is now time to move into phase 2 of the programme: the recruitment of the 3,000 volunteers who will take part in the event from 23 August to 7 September 2014.

Before the end of October, all of the candidates will have received an invitation to an individual interview, which will take place between 12 November and 14 December 2013. Several dates will be offered to candidates, in order to allow them time to prepare and to choose the day that best suits them. These informal interviews will be held in Caen, Calvados*, and will last around twenty minutes. They will enable the volunteer recruiters to take stock of each applicant’s skills, experience and motivation for taking part in the event, in order to offer them one of 3 possible roles after the interview. The managers of the volunteer programme and the 50 recruiters will then examine the application forms and interview notes for each candidate, and will shortlist 3,000 volunteers who will be assigned a role that suits their abilities. 

The 3,000 shortlisted volunteers will then receive their posting and their timetable between the end of January and 31 May 2014. From June onwards, they will attend several training sessions to help them carry out their role in the Games to the best of their ability.

All information regarding the volunteer programme is available at ; the Organising Committee advises applicants to check their account regularly.


It must be pointed out that some of the volunteer programme’s candidates have already made their debut, as 620 of them took part in the test events that were held in August: 220 at La Prairie racecourse for the Driving event, 191 in Sartilly for the Endurance, and 225 at Le Pin National Stud and 49 at the SHUC (Caen) for the Eventing.

The majority of these volunteers were recruited locally, with two thirds coming from Normandy. The other 200 volunteers, who had travelled from all over France and abroad, all had specific experience in one of the 3 disciplines and several years’ experience working at national or international equestrian events.

All in all, the volunteers all delivered, as stated Samuel Hallifax, the manager of the volunteer programme: “These test events were a real role-playing exercise as we had to recruit, train and deploy 620 volunteers to 4 different competition sites. It was a complex procedure, as we had to manage sites that were not close to each other. But everything went smoothly! There was a real team spirit, the volunteers all helped each other out. They had fun and carried out their jobs happily...things look good for 2014!”

The vast majority of these “2013 volunteers” will be used again in 2014. They will be invited to fill in a feedback survey via their online account to see whether they wish to change jobs, but the first echoes received by the Organising Committee have shown that these volunteers wish to do the same job as this year, and some have even requested a second posting in order to be even more involved in the event. “Not everyone can tighten girths for Kevin Staut before the CSO change-horse final, but all of the volunteers will have a very important job to do during the Games,” reminds Samuel. “We need them all to make the event a success in 2014. It is a unique opportunity to experience an unforgettable human adventure. We can’t wait!”

We look forward to seeing you in Normandy in 2014!

*Candidates who are unable to travel to Caen between 12 November and 14 December will have the option of doing a telephone interview. Nevertheless, we advise applicants to attend the interview in person if they can.

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