Highlights of the year 2011

The seventh World Equestrian Games will not be starting until August 2014. However, their future success is being built today. 2011 was a pivotal and highly eventful one for the Norman project.

Highlights of the year 2011
© Comité d'Organisation Normandie 2014

To start with, the competition dates were officially announced: 24thAugust – 7thSeptember.

On the partnership side, the WEG made great strides: Alltech, a multinational company specialising in animal nutrition, came forward to become the event’s title sponsor. The contract, sealed in July, amounts to 10 million euros: the most significant ever signed in the world of equestrian sport! It is therefore fitting to now refer to the Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games 2014… Last December, the official premier sponsorship was signed with Rolex, the watchmaker. A major name, that of a company which has given its support to equestrian sports for many years. The support and trust of these two partners provides an extra aura to the Norman project.

In November, the sports director, a key player of the future WEG was appointed. Laurent Cellier immediately got down to work (see the interview below). On 24thNovember, the region of Normandy kicked off the festivities with a symbolic “1000 days to go before the equestrian games” celebration.

The streets were decked out in the colours of the event, a merry-go-round used to invite children to join in the fun. David Douillet, Minister for Sport, came to Caen to renew his interest in the project which he places on the same level as the Euro 2016 Football Championship.

The same day, the Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games 2014 visual identity was unveiled. Against a backdrop of delicate apple blossom, a human face and a horse’s head merge into one. A poetic image that embodies the philosophy of the next WEG: to bring a region, human beings and horses all together.

Now to 2012, a year completely dedicated to the « construction » of the event: recruitment of the discipline managers, regional labelling initiatives in connection with 2014, strategy building for the programme of attractions on offer to the general public in addition to the competition… The team of the Normandie 2014 Organising Committee is certainly galloping ahead !

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