Mistakes gave Dujardin a wake-up call

Double Olympic champions Charlotte Dujardin and Valegro seem on their way to add a world champion title to their already impressive collection. They lead the individual ranking within the team championship on a score of 85.271. Since three years the pair have a remarkable career, previously shaken only by a severe hiccup – by  Valegro standards – at Aachen.

Mistakes gave Dujardin a wake-up call
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Charlotte Dujardin on coming to Caen with the Aachen experience in the back of her head:

“That did knock my confidence somewhat but made me come back stronger. I wanted to show the judges that I could do it. Valegro is such a wonderful, easy horse. He puts you in a comfort zone. Aachen was a wake-up call for me. It was like ‘my God, I got to really get riding.’ Aachen was what I needed.”

On her thoughts approaching the 1-time-changes that gave the pair the problems:

“I nailed these ones. I struggled in Aachen and made sure it did not happen again. Everybody told me to ride until the very end and I kept that in mind.”

On the noise level when entering the arena:

“Valegro loves this. He rises to these occasions and maybe he even thought he had already won. It was fantastic to get in and getting the crowd behind us.”

On her goals for the coming grand prix special and freestyle:

“An individual gold would be nice. But I always go in and do my very best.”

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