Pascal Leroy disappointed

Pascal Leroy and Minos de Petra performed their dressage test early on in the eventing competition. Third on the start list, the rider felt that his horse was less responsive than usual and he mustered a mere 55 points at the end. The rider spoke to us about his performance.

Pascal Leroy disappointed
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How did you feel leaving the arena?

I’m disappointed because it’s my worst score this year with this particular horse and he had been doing so well all season. Here in Caen he had been doing really well but today I had a hard time keeping him engaged. He was a little distracted by the crowd. I felt it was difficult to focus my horse. He wasn’t alert enough and I made some unusual errors. He was very loose in the shoulder-in when riding down the centre line. I then missed a flying change, which is really rare with him now. I’m obviously disappointed. I was hoping to do better, but it is what it is and I’ve got to stay motivated for what is coming up next.

What did you think of the cross-country course that you inspected yesterday?

The unanimous opinion of all riders is that it is a hard course for the horses. There is a lot of climbing and descending on a hard track. I’m betting everyone will find it tough. Personally, I find the first two water jumps to be difficult but the course is well designed and balanced. There are some real challenges without it being vicious. It’s fairly straightforward even in the configuration of the obstacles.

Does that make it easier or harder to be the first to go for your team?

A bit of both I guess. It’s problematic in the dressage because it’s well known that the judges are stingy early on - not that I’m using that as an excuse for my low score. But maybe if I had performed the same mediocre test but in the afternoon I could have gleaned a few extra points. For the cross-country it’s an advantage because the ground is in better shape. Although when you go towards the end you get reports from the competitors who have already gone so it’s tough to say. On the flip side, sometimes doubt can creep into your head. When you grab the lead there is nothing to think about. Given my current situation, I just need to go full steam ahead.

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