Ehning protégé has the midas touch

Ireland’s Bertram Allen certainly caused a sensation by winning the speed class on the first day of the Jumping, but his four-fault performance in the initial team round on Wednesday with Molly Malone also helped his squad to qualify for Thursday’s medal decider

Ehning protégé has the midas touch
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Tell us about your performance in the speed class with Molly Malone

It was unbelievable and unexpected. I planned to have a good, fast round but to end up winning the class was a great bonus. My mare is naturally fast and careful, though.

What is the story behind you getting Molly Malone

My father saw her on the Sunshine Tour and bought her when she was five. I was still on ponies then and she was competed by Billy Twomey. I didn’t start riding her until I was 16 and she was eight. We’ve had almost three years together now.

Is she easy to ride?

She’s very sensitive and she has a lot of blood but I usually find a happy medium with her.

Do you come from a horsey family?

Yes they are fairly horsey. My father [Bert Allen, a successful Irish businessman] used to train racehorses. However, I had moved to Germany before I could get involved in the racing scene in any way.

When did you move?

I was 16. I went to train at Jessica Kurten’s former yard. When she and her husband moved out I stayed on. I’ve had help from Marcus Ehning for a while now. I’m not based with him — as a lot of people think — but he lives quite close to me and he helps me a couple of times a month. We also meet at shows where he will give me advice.

How have you managed to stay so focused at your first WEG?

I did a lot of ponies and juniors when I was younger, including Europeans, so I know about a championship environment, although this one is stepping up a level. In general, though, I don’t tend to get worked up and I’m able to stay relaxed.  

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