Jumping : France shines in Leipzig


France was in the spotlight last weekend in Leipzig , since the blue jackets won five titles during the competition ! Patrice Delaveau particularly excelled, winning the Grand Prix on Sunday, just ahead of his countryman Roger-Yves Bost.

Jumping : France shines in Leipzig
© Comité d'Organisation Normandie 2014

Three French riders were through to the dam in the Grand Prix World Cup on Sunday. And out the 11 riders qualified, Patrice Delaveau on Lacrimoso ended up winning his second World Cup Grand Prix this season, after his triumph Helsinki in November on Orient Express. A victory that already qualifies Patrice for the Grand final to be held in Lyon (France) in April .

The Norman rider beat his fellow countryman and 2013 European champion Roger-Yves Bost on Myrtille Paulois. Lars Nieberg completes the podium with Leonie W. Markus Renzel on Cassydy and Katharina Offel on Lacontino end up in 4th and 5th places after two clear rounds as well.

Next meeting for all these riders : in Zurich from 23 to 26 January for the 8th meeting.


  1. Patrice Delaveau / Lacrimoso HDC
  2. Roger Yves Bost / Castle Forbes Blueberry Paulois
  3. Lars Nieberg / Leonie W
  4. Marcus Renzel / Cassydy
  5. Katharina Offel / Lacontino
  6. Kévin Staut / Silvana HDC
  7. Rolf -Göran Bengtsson / Quintero Ask
  8. Billy Twomey / Tinka 's Serenade-Otto Nagel
  9. Carsten / Holiday by Solitour
  10. Denis Lynch / van het Abbervail Dingeshof



  1. Scott Brash (GBR ), 52 pts
  2. Steve Guerdat (SWI ), 51 pts
  3. Edwina Tops -Alexander (AUS ), 47 pts
  4. Patrice Delaveau (FRA ), 43 pts
  5. Maikel Van der Vleuten  (NED ), 40 pts
  6. Kevin Staut (FRA), 38 pts
  7. Tim Gredley (GBR ), 36 pts
  8. Marcus Ehning (ALL ), 36 pts
  9. François Mathy Jr (BEL ), 34 pts
  10. Lars Nieberg (ALL) , 321 pts
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