Abdelkebir Ouaddar : France, my second home


In just a few short years, Abdelkebir Ouaddar has managed to ensconce himself in the top level. Last weekend in Lyon, the Moroccan rider took part in his very first World Cup Jumping Final. It proved to be a great experience for the rider as well as for his steed, the talented Selle Français Quickly de Kreisker. The pair is expected to travel to Normandy this summer to compete in the Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games™ 2014.

Abdelkebir Ouaddar : France, my second home
© PSV Jean Morel

What did you think of your World Cup Final debut?

It was a great experience for us both. We must not forget that the horse is very young, he is only nine. I am really pleased to have finished in the top twelve at these finals. It was a good experience for the horse to have in view of the Games.

Do you already have an idea of what you will be doing between now and the Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games™ 2014 in Normandy?

I let my trainer Marcel Rozier manage my schedule. I trust him completely. I think that we are going to do a few competitions to gently prepare the horse for the Games, without pushing him too far.   

If you qualify for the famous “change-horse final”, which horses would you love to ride?

I dream of riding Marcus Ehning’s grey, Cornado NRW. I also really like Patrice Delaveau’s Lacrimoso 3*HDC. Those two are my favourite riders as well. I would be delighted of they rode Quickly in this event. And not forgetting Kevin Staut, who I love.  

You have become one of the French public’s favourite riders: do you feel their support when you are competing in France?

I love the French spectators. They have always welcomed me with open arms. Here I feel like I’m in my second home country. I feel like the French spectators are behind me, of course, and I am really grateful for that.

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