Jumping: Frédéric Morand is feeling confident


With the first day of the Jumping test events over, it’s time for a review. Frédéric Morand, the Organising Committee’s Manager of the Jumping discipline, is obviously pleased.

Jumping: Frédéric Morand is feeling confident
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What did you want to test out during these Jumping test events?

We wanted to test the lorry parking, to make sure the riders had a good understanding of how it worked. Afterwards, we wanted to test the stables. They seem to be working very well. We’ve had only positive feedback on our installation choices and how the stables are being run. We also wanted to test out the surfaces. We were very confident, and everything seems to be just perfect. After the dressage events, we were already feeling very good. It’s a very different discipline to jumping, but the riders were quite satisfied. And finally, we needed to see how the teams were working, how they were interacting with Pedro, the time it took for the horses to get here, to set up, take everything down. There are still some details to smooth out, but we are very happy with things, even if I always like to stay on my guard.

What have the riders been saying?

For those who don’t know D’Ornano Stadium, it’s really magical. It’s an amazing football stadium, but I think it’s going to be an amazing equestrian arena. The riders have said that they love it. Plus, we’ve had the weather on our side, excellent classes, a fantastic arena, superb organisation, a good number of spectators for the sport, but it’s also pleasant here. We’re in the city, but when you’re at the stables or warm-up rings, you’re still a little in the country. We’ve truly had excellent feedback from the riders. They’ve been really surprised when they come through the tunnel and out onto the arena. It’s really incredible.

Where are you with the obstacles?

For the tests, the course manager doesn’t test the obstacles. We’ll have them for the Games. The course manager tests the placement to know where he can build the different obstacles. It’s important for him because he’s already worked on his course layouts. He needs to know where he can put the obstacles based on what he has planned. For the test events, we’re trying out a few things, but we won’t put everything out. We won’t be showing the obstacles or the decor that we’ll use for the Games. We don’t want to reveal our full hand, because if we do the Games before the actual Games, there won't be any surprises left. 

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