Volunteer interviews have begun


Individual interviews with the volunteer programme’s 5,000 shortlisted candidates kicked off last Tuesday in Caen and Paris. The aim: to select 3,000 volunteers who will help out at the Games between 23 August and 7 September 2014. 

Those individual interviews will take place until 14 December 2013 in Caen (Calvados) or Paris*, and will last around twenty minutes. They will enable the volunteer recruiters to take stock of each applicant’s skills, experience and motivation for taking part in the event, in order to offer them one of 3 possible roles after the interview.

The managers of the volunteer programme and the 50 recruiters will then examine the application forms and interview notes for each candidate, and will select 3,000 volunteers who will be assigned a role that suits their abilities.

The 3,000 selected volunteers will then receive their posting and their timetable between the end of January and 31 May 2014. From June onwards, they will attend several training sessions to help them carry out their role in the Games to the best of their ability.

All information regarding the volunteer programme is available at ; the Organising Committee advises applicants to check their account regularly.

*Candidates who are unable to travel to Caen between 12 November and 14 December will have the option of doing a telephone interview. Nevertheless, we advise applicants to attend the interview in person if they can.  

Volunteer interviews have begun
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