TICKETING : Over 150,000 tickets already sold !


The big question was, would the second phase of ticketing, that was opened yesterday to the general public on the Games’ website, experience the same success as that recorded during the first phase*? The answer wasn’t long in coming: in less than 24 hours, half the proposed passes (15,000 passes) have been reserved by Internet users, from Normandy, the whole of France, as well as overseas. In total, over 15,000 places were purchased in a matter of hours, enabling the organisers to exceed the target of 150,000 TICKETS SOLD.

At 2pm on Monday, the official website recorded 2,000 simultaneous connections, over double the normal visitors.  Ahead of such a success, the organisers are already considering extending their offer, so as to be able to meet demand. 200,000 places will remain allocated for the third and final stage of the ticketing operation, where the tickets will be sold individually. This third phase will start in March 2014.

One thing is sure: the Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games 2014 in Normandy certainly has a sizeable public following.

*It’s worth pointing out that the first phase of ticketing, launched on 6 June 2013, was reserved for the ‘equestrian family’ (national members and federations). The organisers expected great things, but the results have exceeded their objectives, with 33,500 passes reserved, which equates to 130,000 tickets

TICKETING : Over 150,000 tickets already sold !
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