An innovative tool to search and select accomodation


In collaboration with Normandy’s tourist boards (Regional Tourist Board, Departmental Tourist Boards, tutelary organisations, Tourist Offices), the Organising Committee has developed a platform to enable the general public to select and contact tourist accommodation providers in Normandy, in order to help fans organise their visit. Via the Games’ online shop and ticketing website, spectators can now visit the accommodation page to view the different accommodation options, according to their selection criteria. 

An innovative tool to search and select accomodation
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This unique platform, which was created with the help of Normandy’s main tourist stakeholders, enables the general public to book tickets for competitions, buy official products from the shop and select their potential accommodation in just a few clicks!

A popular tourist destination, Normandy has a wide range of accommodation for its visitors. In total, the region boasts more than 200,000 beds for tourists (holiday cottages, bed and breakfasts, hotels, self-catering apartments, campsites, etc.), which are all referenced on this platform so that visitors can find something to suit their budget and their selection criteria.

Please note that this is not a booking service and payment cannot be made via the platform, unlike the online shop and ticketing pages; it is simply a way of selecting your desired accommodation and getting into contact with the people who run it. Users are asked to enter information about the type of accommodation they require (hotel, holiday cottage, campsite, etc.), the rating, and the department they wish to stay in (Calvados, Orne, Manche, Seine-Maritime, Eure). The system will then suggest a list of options that match their criteria. By clicking on the accommodation of their choice, users can then contact the establishment or owner directly.

This is the first time that a website has listed all of the region’s official and approved accommodation by linking up the flow from the databases of Normandy’s five Departmental Tourist Boards. This project perfectly ties in with the territorial project’s aims, as it promotes the work of the tourist stakeholders and helps improve the region’s accommodation services and databases. This is an innovative project both for Normandy and for the Games’ territorial project, which aims to promote Norman excellence, to develop the region’s economic activity, and to popularise the Games and equestrianism as a whole.

To access this accomodation, please click here before clicking on "Accomodation"

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