Accessibility : Car


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Several highways connect Normandy to other regions in France

  • A13 from Paris
  • A84 from Rennes
  • A28 / A88 from Le Mans


During the event, it will be very difficult to go around the city of Caen by car. It is therefore recommended to park the car outside the city and to use public transportation.

Caen – Paris        (238km)  = 2h30
Caen – Rennes     (182km)  = 2h00
Caen –  Le Mans   (164km)  = 2h00
Caen – Bruxelles   (477km)  = 4h30

Caen – Sartilly          (100km) = 1h15
Caen  – Haras du Pin  (70km)  = 1h00
Caen  – Deauville        (60km)  = 0h45
Caen –  St Lô             (70km)  = 1h00

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