French coach happy with team’s performance on eve of cross-country

Now that the two-day Dressage competition is in the books, France currently stands in fourth place in the team event. The top Frenchman, Maxime Livio, is thirteenth. The team's coach, Thierry Touzaint, said he is content with where the team is at.

French coach happy with team's performance on eve of cross-country
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What do you take away from the Dressage?

We are pleased for the most part. Several of our riders fufilled or surpassed our expectations of them. We're just a bit disappointed that our opening rider didn't score a few more points, but it's never easy to go first, even in Dressage. Judges weren't awarding points yesterday morning like they were this afternoon. So we are satisfied? You can't really say we fell short of our objectives. We can be happy with how our horses performed. 

Did you meet your goals?

We are in an excellent position. We couldn't have asked for much more. Tomorrow, we'll be attacking the cross-country event head on.
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