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Hippolia Foundation


Created in 2011, the Hippolia Foundation is the first French and European scientific research organization dedicated to horse health and performance.

11 founders, 30 multidisciplinary research teams located all over France, 200 specialized researchers (biologists, clinicians, geneticists, statisticians, etc.), 80 on-going scientific projects and more than 20 of these are involved worldwide, 4 registered patents… the Foundation has a permanent commitment to improve the health and welfare of horses and act on all ailments generated by traumas, performances, infectious agents and the environment.

Hippolia, a scientific foundation recognized by the French Department of Research, gathers and rationalizes the resources allocated for training and high-tech research equipment in order to accelerate discoveries and deliver innovative, concrete and quickly workable solutions. These solutions are exploitable by all the actors of the equine industry, and moreover for further research on human health.

Two of Hippolia’s research centres are located in Goustranville and Saint-Contest (Calvados, Normandy). Both are real “research platforms “ which allow the Foundation to unite the driving force of the French equine research sector, their skills and their high-tech equipment and each has its own objective: one becoming a leader in equine biotechnology and the other one a leader in imaging equipment specialized in the musculoskeletal system.

Partially funded by donations and philanthropy, the development of private donation represents a large contribution for the Foundation, which has launched in 2013, a campaign to raise 5 million euros over 3 years in order to finance its actions and reinforce its infrastructures.

Equine health challenges are multiple (sporting challenges, economic, social, scientific or public health issues) and because the history of humanity is closely linked to the history of the horse, it is the responsibility of mankind, scientists, equine professionals and also horse lovers to preserve and develop effective health and welfare solutions perfectly adapted to the horse.

This is the life purpose of Hippolia, which works to improve horse health by combining innovation,

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