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Saturday 06 September


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Formed in 2007, the Little Princes of Hot Wave (New Wave, but with more dance influence) dust off the 80s with power and audacity. Their energy draws on the rhythms of the post-punk wave, to which they add striking guitar melodies. Lewis, their Liverpudlian singer, has an exhaustive knowledge of pop, which encompasses everything from Tom Jones to Robert Smith! Peter Hook’s base lines (Joy Division, New Order) are never far away, and their drum beats will make you dance like the Manchester rock/dance combos from the early 90s. This is where the group finds its sound: somewhere between New Wave, New York indie rock (The Strokes, Interpol) and vintage pop (Blur, Foals).

Returning home after several months in the USA, they wrote their second album “Hot Wave” in 2012 (released in January 2014 with ZRP), where hip-hop influences blend with their rock DNA. By working with music wizard Clive Martin (The Dodoz, Naïve New Beaters), they have created a standout album that contains 10 stunning songs whose rock sound displays multiple influences and causes delight in every listener.

The first single off their album, “Move It”, is a summer anthem full of madness, a blend of hip-hop and rock that is sure to get you dancing!

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