Last phase of ticket sales gets off to a good start!


Following on the sale of grouped tickets in Pass form, since 4 March the Organising Committee has put individual tickets for all disciplines on sale. More than 220,000 tickets will be available to buy during this third and final sales period.

Last phase of ticket sales gets off to a good start!

The start of this third phase has been promising, with 26,590 tickets sold in 7 days (including 15,000 on the first day) and a daily average of 1,000 tickets.

In the lead are the three Olympic disciplines (Jumping, Eventing and Dressage, which accounted for around 10,000 tickets in 3 days).

The cross-country phase of the Eventing at Le Pin National Stud (6,000 tickets sold in 3 days), the marathon phase of the 4-in-hand Driving (almost 1,000 tickets) and the Reining (more than 1,000 tickets) have also proved very popular.

N.B.: To date, tickets for the Reining final and the dressage and jumping phases of the Eventing have all sold out. There are still plenty of other tickets on sale, so check availability and reserve your tickets as soon as possible!

Foreign demand is still strong (38.9% of all sales) and, in Normandy (34.6% of all sales in France), it has been about average so far. Sales in the Ile de France are on the increase.

France is in the lead with more than 60% of all sales, followed by Great Britain (7.2%) and Belgium (4.3%). Finally, the United States, Australia and the Netherlands are on fairly equal footing, with 3.8%, 3.2% and 3.5% of sales respectively.

As for the French regions, the top 5 for sales is made up of Lower Normandy with 31% of the total sales for France, Ile de France with 14.8%, Pays de la Loire with 5.8%, Brittany with 5.7% and Upper Normandy with 3.6%.

Finally, with regard to the departments, Calvados, L’Orne and La Manche are in the lead.

Sport, and much more…

Like the other ticketing offers, individual tickets grant free access, on the date shown, to the Games Village, which is located within Caen Exhibition Centre. Around a giant outdoor school right in the heart of Caen, visitors to the Games Village will be invited to enjoy a superb programme of demonstrations, taster sessions and entertainment. They will also be granted access to the Village’s dining areas, cafés, relaxation areas and exhibition stands. 


Order your tickets online: visit the official ticketing website or the official event page on Facebook .

Order your tickets in Normandy: individual tickets are on sale in the region’s Tourist Offices.

For more info: please call 08 11 26 2014 (0.11cts Euro/minute from a French landline) or send an email to the following address [email protected] . You can also contact us on Twitter 

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