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Louis Bertignac

Family Night
Thursday 04 September

Louis Bertignac

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Bertignac… the ultimate French guitarist, never without his trusty SG slung around his neck. A child of Led Zeppelin, Hendrix, The Who, The Rolling Stones, blues, unbridled electric guitar solos… A true rocker of national renown.

At age fourteen, Louis Bertignac bought his first guitar. He quickly got noticed, notably with the "Super Goujats". In 1976, the legendary rock group Téléphone was born. The group, which was then composed of Jean-Louis Aubert and Richard Kolinka, wanted to appear at the American Center in Paris for an ad hoc concert…  It was then that Louis Bertignac and Corinne Marrieneau joined the group. Tired of tours that were getting longer and longer, the band officially decided to part ways on 21 April 1986. Louis Bertignac then threw himself into a new solo project, "Bertignac et les Visiteurs", creating a rock sound similar to the Rolling Stones. The project lasted four years.

Following this, the singer brought out several solo albums, such as "Elle et Louis", but his appearances became few and far between.  In 2002, he collaborated with Carla Bruni on the album "Quelqu'un m'a dit". The Italian singer then wrote ten songs out of the twelve that appeared on his next solo album "Longtemps" in 2005. It was a great success, with more than 80,000 albums sold and a highly popular tour. Bertignac then continued to tour, to the great delight of his fans.

After having denied rumours that the group Téléphone was reforming in 2011, Louis Bertignac released a new solo album, "Grizzly", with Polydor. The disc flew off the shelves: 13 songs that showcase the guitar, a sweet euphemism, a different take on psychedelic animal rock and blues straight out of the cavern which broke down even his last critics.

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