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Malika  MENARD


“I am very happy and honoured to be able to support this great sporting event. I am happy for my home region, Normandy, the “Land of the Horse” and the true home of equine breeding, which has always been the birthplace of great champions. I am honoured to support these World Equestrian Games and feel excited about these sporting exploits which highlight the harmonious union between man and his most noble companion: the horse.”


Malika Ménard, ambassador for the Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games™ 2014 in Normandy :

A journalist first and foremost, but also a television presenter, Malika Ménard was crowned Miss France in 2010. She was the very first Miss France to be elected exclusively by television viewer votes.

Malika Ménard loves Normandy and is proud of the region she grew up in. She spent her childhood in the city of Caen, from pre-school through to high school and beyond that to studying law. She was representing her home region when she was crowned Miss France. Her whole family hails from Normandy and, whenever she has time off, she races back to the countryside she loves so dearly!

A graduate of the CFPJ (Centre for the Training and Improvement of Journalists), Malika Ménard worked for Figaro Média for 3 years. Journalism is her true vocation. 

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