Media Operations

Media Operations

The role of relations with the media is to facilitate the job of all journalists.  This involves, in part providing significant assistance to the host broadcaster of the Games. We will be providing them with all the resources they need to do their job:


  • Distribute news about the competition, and from the organizers (list of hired persons, results, personal profiles, media guides) ;
  • Set up temporary technical resources (internet, work stations);
  • Organize logistical resources (shuttle buses, hotel accommodations, meals);
  • Set up dedicated resources (work areas, conference rooms, photography studio, press conference table, TV studios and a “mixing” area where athletes and journalists may meet and mix.
  • Greet/provide information to the Press Centre: Direct journalists to the centre, explain the work area/resources to them, and provide information on conferences and any other event of interest to them. Ideally, volunteers working in this area should two or more languages, and, at the least, French and English which are the official languages of the Games.
  • Assist at press conferences: Help to ensure press conferences go smoothly by setting up the room, seating journalists when they arrive and handing out earphones for hearing booth interpreters, and giving microphones to journalists.
  • Coordinate photography sessions: Getting photographers to the right places at the sites during competitions while abiding by the FEI rules on this topic.

Beyond the role of assisting media people in doing their job during the event, we are the first-line representatives of the organizer of the event, the persons through whom information circulates (sporting or otherwise). 

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