Alltech Music Festival

Misteur Valaire

Quebec Night
Monday 25 August

Misteur Valaire

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Misteur Valaire (MV) is a group influenced by electro-jazz-hip-hop-rock-audio extracts. The original five members of Sherbrooke (a.k.a. Sherbrooklyn) started in the playground when they were just six years of age, and naturally not a lot of material was kept from this era! After studying music, they founded what officially became Misteur Valaire in 2004.

Misteur Valaire have produced four albums: Mr. Brian (2005), Friterday Night (2007), Golden Bombay (2010) and Bellevue (2013). Having undergone strict jazz training, they then somewhat “untrained” themselves thanks to their eclecticism and childish humour, and today distil an original, complex and carefully thought-out sound, which is both accessible and great fun.

Over the last few years, Misteur Valaire has enjoyed growing success in the eyes of the general public, the media and the industry: a huge performance in front of 100,000 people at the Montreal Jazz Festival, packed halls on the Golden Bombay tour, music for the documentary Over My Dead Body, advertising contracts, a collaboration with Moment Factory for the Ode to Life at the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, first live album, house band at the Jutra Awards, first album for Qualité Motel – a fully electronic parallel project by the members of MV – highly successful European tours, album sales, nominations and awards at the Juno Awards, Independent Music Awards, ADISQ and GAMIQ.

Made up of innate entertainers, Misteur Valaire get the crowds going and transforms every show into a wild party. Don’t miss them!

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