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Nelson  PESSOA



Nelson Pessoa, also known as “Neco” and “the Brazilian magician”, is a show jumper from Brazil.  

When the young Nelson started riding, the discipline was dominated by the military. Very quickly, Pessoa proved that he had real talent and, thanks to his impressive results, earned himself a place in the national team. His first competition abroad was in Buenos Aires, Argentina. This was also his first international victory.

In 1956, he took part in the Stockholm Olympics.

In 1961, he moved to Europe. Three years later, he came 5th in the individual event at the Tokyo Olympics.

This would be the start of a long career shaped by victories.

In 1981, Nelson Pessoa moved to Belgium with his family.

In 1984 and 1991, he claimed the silver medal in the World Cup Finals.

In 2000, Nelson Pessoa and Rodrigo founded a stud farm, the Haras de Ligny, in Belgium.

Passionate about equestrian sports, but with an added interest in horse psychology and the genetic origins of sport horses, Nelson Pessoa is a true horse lover.

He also dedicates his time to the organization of high-level equestrian competitions around the world.

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