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Normandy Night
Saturday 30 August


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Normandy native Oldelaf, real name Olivier Delafosse, is a French singer-songwriter, comic singer and musician born on 10 May 1975.

In 2000, he created the group Oldelaf & Monsieur D with comedian Frédéric Draps. After the band separated during their farewell concert at the Olympia on 30 January 2010, he carried on as a solo artist, supported on stage by Julien Breton in the role of Charles Berthier, Alexandre Zapata as Alain Berthier, Fabrice Lemoine as Amaury Cantet and Victor Paillet as Jacques F. On 17 October 2011, he released his first solo album Le Monde est Beau and the single “La Tristitude” (French for sadness and solitude), which became a true media phenomenon. 

In early 2014, he released the album “Dimanche”, in which Odelaf demonstrates his talents as a songwriter, feeding off a world that is wonderfully absurd, with a new shade of music and catchy melodies : "my aim is to make people laugh by saying things that have meaning. Singing is my home, comedy is my second home; I feel at home in both.” Not forgetting the stage, which is his chosen playground.

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