Over 110,000 tickets are still on sale !


Over 290,000 tickets to the 2014 Games have already been sold, but do not worry: over 110,000 tickets are still on sale on the ticketing website*.

A few events are already sold out** – the Endurance race (Thursday, 28 August), the Reining Final (Saturday 30 August), Eventing's Dressage and Jumping competitions (28, 29, and 31 September), Driving's maniability (Sunday 7 September) – but tickets to most events are still available at an average price of 25 euros.

Note that if you already ordered your tickets, you can now download and print your e-tickets on the ticketing website (go to "My Account", enter your username and password, go to the section "my tickets" and click on "PDF" on the right of each of the tickets you ordered to download and print them out). People who ordered thermal tickets will receive an email as soon as they're ready (around the end of June). You should receive those by mail a few weeks after the receipt of this confirmation e-mail.

*For more information, please check the "tickets" page on the official website, the"FAQ" of the ticketing website, call us at this number 0033 9 74 77 70 94, or contact us by e-mail at [email protected] 

**Ticket holders can now resell or offer their ticket(s) on our exchange platform. Tickets to one of the "sold out" events listed above might become available again, so do not hesitate to log on frequently.

Over 110,000 tickets are still on sale !
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