Saint Lô

Saint Lô


Situated in the Manche area, the town of St Lô will host the exhibition tournament of Horseball. A tournament featuring the world’s finest teams will show the collective side to what is also a spectacular and lively discipline.

With its media library, fine art and Norman Hedged Farmland museums, its design and music schools, and its Theatre the ‘Normandy’, Saint Lô targets excellence, original scheduling and access for all. 

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Address: Pôle Hippique de Saint Lô, Chemin de la Madeleine, 50000 Saint Lô, France


Horse-Ball Horse-Ball

How to get there?

Located 70km away from Caen, 150km from Rennes, and about 250km from Paris, St Lô is accessible by :

  • CAR via the A84 or RN 174 : Saint Lo / Caen 50 min, Saint-Lô / 1:30 Rennes and Saint-Lô / Paris in 3 hours.
  • TRAIN from Saint-Lô's train startion with connections to Rennes, Caen, Cherbourg and Paris (Via Lison).
  • PLANE: The nearest airport is located in Caen-Carpiquet, about 70km east of Saint-Lô.

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