Alltech Music Festival

Soul Vintage Orchestra

Opening Concert
Sunday 24 August

Soul Vintage Orchestra

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The “SOUL VINTAGE ORCHESTRA” is comprised of 8 professional artists who perform rhythmic music anchored in Afro-American Soul Music tradition.  

Their solid rhythms supported by melodic brass riffs perfectly recreate the unique sound of Soul, and instantly plunge listeners into the universe of Motown or Stax (legendary record companies known for producing this kind of music). These melodies are topped off with the formidable voices of a male and female duo, who take it in turns to sing and give the music truly stimulating depth !

From James Brown to Aretha Franklin, Otis Redding and Marvin Gaye, the “SOUL VINTAGE ORCHESTRA” showcases songs by funk artists such as Prince and Tina Turner.

They are brilliant for getting you dancing, partying and letting your hair down! Come and enjoy the world of Soul!




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