Team medallist’s emotional rollercoaster

Gerco Schroder, Jumping team gold medallist for The Netherlands, has been through a gamut of emotions since winning dual silver at the 2012 Olympics, due to his mount, London, being put up for auction

Team medallist’s emotional rollercoaster
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What happened to London after his previous owner, Eurocommerce, went bankrupt in 2012?

London was on the market but all the time he was still in his usual stable and in his regular training regime, although he did miss a bit of competition.

Did you ever wonder if you might lose the ride?
It was a time of great uncertainty but in the end it worked out OK when he was bought by the Glock family [founders of the famous Glock firearms company]. I had no idea what might happen at the auction. I spent some very nervous moments wondering.

Tell us about the start of your partnership with London

I got him in Holland as a five-year-old. In the beginning it is hard to tell if a horse has what it takes to make the top but right from the beginning he gave me a good feeling and I always hoped that he would be special.

What is he like as a character?

He’s very quiet in the stable but he knows when he has to fight for you in an arena.

How does it feel to win a medal after all the upheaval you have been through?

I won team gold at the World Equestrian Games in 2006 [Schroder was riding Berlin] and that was special but to come back and do the same again makes it even more special. 

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