• Driven Dressage
    • Thursday 4 SeptemberSession 1 : From 09h30 to 12h20
      Session 2 : From 13h45 to 16h50
    • Friday 5 SeptemberSession 3 : From 09h30 to 12h05
      Session 4 : From 13h45 to 16h50
  • Marathon
    • Saturday 6 SeptemberSession 1 : From 09h30 to 16h50
  • Obstacle-Cone Driving
    • Sunday 7 SeptemberSession 1 : From 08h00 to 13h05

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Driving - Cones - © Sindy Thomas
Driving - Cones - © Sindy Thomas Driving - Cones - © Sindy Thomas Driving - Cones - © Sindy Thomas Driving - Cones - © Sindy Thomas Driving - Cones - © Sindy Thomas

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Boyd Exell becomes champion for the 7th time! – Gothenburg – FEI World Cup™ Driving Final

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Athletes’ World Rankings

  • 01 WEBER Chester United states US
  • 02 DOBROVITZ Jozsef Hungary HU
  • 03 TIMMERMAN Theo Netherlands NL
  • 04 DE RONDE Koos Netherlands NL
  • 05 EXELL Boyd Australia AU
  • 06 LAZAR Zoltan Hungary HU
  • 07 ULRICH Werner Switzerland CH
  • 08 CHARDON Ijsbrand Netherlands NL
  • 09 SANDMANN Christoph Germany DE
  • 10 PERSSON Fredrik Sweden SE

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Horses were driven long before they were ridden and, as such, Driving is the oldest competitive equestrian sport yet it continues to thrive in the 21st century. Drivers sit on a vehicle drawn by a single horse or pony, a pair or a team of four and they face three trials – dressage, marathon and obstacle driving. At the World Equestrian Games, only teams of four horses compete.

Dressage involves performing a sequence of compulsory figures within a 100 x 40 metre rectangle. Movements – which must be executed from memory – include speed and gait transitions, circles of different sizes and halts.

The marathon is a spectacular time trial run over a course including natural hazards such as sharp turns, water and steep hills, and artificial ones such as labyrinths. It tests the horses’ fitness and stamina and the driver’s judgment of pace and horse control.

Obstacle driving – or cones – tests the fitness, obedience and suppleness of the horses after the marathon, as well as the skill and competence of the driver who must weave cleanly through a narrow track outlined by cones with balls balanced on top.

The 3 tests count towards both the Individual Competition and the Team.

Competition venue

Hippodrome de la Prairie

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