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“It is an honor to be an ambassador for an event that will fly the Normandy’s flag, land of farming, of sport horses, of rurality, which carries the values ​​of effort, discipline and humility. I try to be a living proof that one can be Gascon by the blood and Normand by adoption. Thank you for your trust.”


Nicolas Canteloup, ambassador for the Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games™ 2014 in Normandy :

An enthusiast of Eventing,but also of … Nuno Oliviera, avid reader of the great masters of the French school: Baucher, d’Aure, Lhotte or Decarpentry , he is an instructor graduated from Saumur's National Riding School. (ENE).

Originally from Bordeaux, his unusual career path led him from his native Southwest of France to Morocco where he was in charge of Riding for the Club Med worldwide resort.

Chief of Sports in the Training Centre of Pompadour (Club Med), he knows multisport practice for the general public.

Holder of a horse-racing training licence, he now lives in a canter racing stable, trying to make the link between the world of racing and equestrian sports.

A regular student of Jean Luc Force and Jean Marie Donard , master riders from Saumur's National Riding School, he is also … secondarily , a performer (Olympia, Zenith), on radio (already 10 years at national Europe 1 radio) and TV (TF1) gathering together a daily 8 million faithful.

His niche: imitation.

His shows have allowed him, according to his tour schedule, to go and ride with champions such as Kevin Staut , Patrick Le Rolland, Frédéric de Romblay and others Nelson Pessoa to try maybe one day … to imitate them ?

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