Nature is very much at home in Normandy. Its meadows and its temporate climate predispose the Norman territory to be the « horse’s land » where passion is mixed with excellence. Its ideal geographical location, its natural trump cards, its architectural and cultural richness, its reknown gastronomy, the unique sporting and touristic facilities on offer gives Normandy, under the most optimal of conditions, the ability to host events of an immense international amplitude.

However Normandy is also a land of memories. On 6th June 1944, the Battle of Normandy took place on its beaches. This was the most formidale of landing operations ever to have taken place, allowing the liberation of France and Europe. And so in 2014, the year of the World Equestrian Games, there will also be the opportunity to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the D-Day Landings in this area, a great stepping stone towards freedom.

Montage Normandie

Normandy is, from all angles, the most important equestrian area of France. Horses are intimately and historically linked to this area which benefits from the best conditions to allow the development of equine activities. A land known for breeding and training competition horses, it welcomes first class ranked players – the Horse Council, the Equine Subsidiary Competitivity Pole, the French Institute of Horses and Horse Riding, the Regional Equitation Committee -, equestrian teams of an extremely high quality – Le Haras du Pin, le Pôle Hippique de Saint-, the equestrian complex at Deauville – , and infrastructures for health dedicated to horses – the Institute of Horse Pathology, the Frank Duncombe Departmental Laboratory, the du Pin Mare Breeding Facility and the University of Caen Basse-Normandie.

Chevaux en Normandie


Some impressive numbers…

  • 1,1 billion euros in annual turnover
  • 93,000 horses
  • 12,000 direct jobs
  • 4,000 equestrian meetings every year
  • 10,000 births every year
  • 2,250 race horses sold every year
  • 40,000 French Federation licence holders
  • 406 equestrian centres
  • 230 professional riders
  • 2 National Studs (Le Pin and Saint-Lô) and broodmare band in Le Pin
  • 1 specialized equestrian centre in Saint Lô – Manche
  • Institute of Equine Pathology
  • 21 race courses
  • 1 airport specialized in horse transportation
  • 1 International Equine Centre in Deauville 

For more information about the touristic opportunities in Normandy, please click here http://www.normandie-tourisme.fr/normandy-tourism-109-2.html